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27 May 2007 @ 03:28 am
...::: Character Visit: Deirdre Burke  
Deirdre had never suffered from stage fright.

Then again, she'd never had much occasion to be on a stage.

Of course, she'd had the board exams at the end of graduate school, facing down an auditorium full of the best researchers, therapists, and clinicians in the field. And there were the weekly staff meetings at The Ministry and St. Mungo's, in which she was expected to brief the entire psychiatric staff on the new projects, priorities, and policies. But there had never been anything like this. She'd never come close to bearing her soul on a pedestal before all her friends, enemies, and the rest of the unfeeling masses.

The idea that she was potentially flaying open everything she had so militantly guarded over the course of her meticulous life was unsettling to say the least. This uncertainty--and certain danger--was the very reason she had--until recently--only allowed herself sex without the relationships, acquiantance without the friendship.

However, she had faith in the idiocy of the audience: she doubted they would ask the right questions.

At least, that was what she told herself was the case.

She'd done her best to remain professional, despite the suggestions from the vague coordinators that she wear casual, approachable attire to combat her allegedly severe personality. Dr. Burke wore one of her more well-loved black blazers and matching slacks with a grey silk blouse. In her opinion, she deserved a medal for putting her hair partway down.

Her chair was not a lavish one--but it kept her back straight and prim. She crossed her legs, and used her gray-green eyes to address the crowd, which was turned dark and amorphous from her point of view, focused in the lights of the stage.

"Good evening. My name is Dr. Burke, and I suspect you all know why it is I'm here, so I'd appreciate it if we could just step right forward. I'll answer your questions in the order they are asked."
subtle_simmersubtle_simmer on May 27th, 2007 05:56 pm (UTC)
Severus Snape did not 'raise his hand' to ask his question. His own personal arrogance would not allow him to offer even that display of subservience to anyone.

Rather ironic considering he did not hesitate to extract copious House-points for any student daring to behave thus in his class.

Even more ironic considering the question he was about to ask. He would not 'go easy' on her merely because his was the first question. Severus did not know how to throw the Quaffle, only bludgers. More often than not, his aim was true.

From his vantage point of leaning heavily against the back wall, partially concealed in the dim lighting, arms casually folded over his chest, he still had no difficulty in making his voice heard. Years of instruction had taught him to modulate it, using it as tool and often a weapon.

"Tell me, Doctor Burke," he drawled, placing delicate, sardonic emphasis on the affectation of the Muggle title, "What is it, precisely, which qualifies you to examine and interpret the emotional and mental status of your clientele, when you have gone to such lengths to close yourself off from your own emotions? Or have you never heard the expression, 'Physician, heal thyself'?"

One brow raised in eloquent challenge, the sardonic curl of his lips as close as he would get to a smile.

After all, there was heavy truth in the adage, it takes one to know one. Severus believed himself to be at least a little more self-honest than the good doctor. Perhaps she would prove him to be in error with that assumption.
Deirdre Burke: you're too closedeirdre_ivy on June 9th, 2007 07:26 pm (UTC)
Deirdre looked at Severus Snape impassively. It was in her training to avoid such looks as came to mind:




But why ought she to hold Snape's question against him? He could hardly know anything about her personal life, and thus was bound to judge her solely on her professional facade. Certainly, that facade and she had been one for a longer time than she cared to admit, but she had recently become convinced that she had left that false, restrictive self behind.

Besides, his obvious derision at the title she had devoted so many years of her life to obtain was not something she would allow to irk her. It had been many years since she had bothered to battle those with an obviously intrinsic prejudice against all things nonmagical.

"Professor Snape, I think I can understand the motivation behind your question. However--and I hope this serves as a sufficient answer--I do not consider myself at all closed off from my own emotions. At one point, your accusation might have been an accurate one, but at the present time, it is anything but.

"Recently, I underwent an ordeal that forced me to take a thorough self-inventory. Suffice it to say that I discovered a great deal about my own behavior over the past few years, and have taken the necessary steps to correct the few unhealthy repressions to which I still clung.

"Furthermore, I have also entered into a relationship and given of myself more than I ever have in the past."

Deirdre crossed her legs and folded her hands over her knee.

"I think you will agree that none of these things is a typical sign of an individual similar to the one you seem to be describing. I am perfectly capable--nay, suited, given that my own trials give me a unique qualification for empathy--to treat my clients in the expert manner that they deserve."