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23 June 2007 @ 12:05 am
General Game Questions and Answers!  

Out of Character information:


- Please set-notifications for this thread so you are aware when your character has been asked a question.

- Please make every effort to answer in a timely fashion.

- Answer questions 'in-character', though feel free to be more forth-coming than your character might normally behave.

- No information here 'counts' toward the main-game. No other character may 'know' information revealed here, even if he/she is in the room/thread in this community while the question/answer is being discussed. Like the Fluff and Smut community, nothing which occurs here counts toward the main-game.

- Players may also ask questions of each other.


- Please indicate, in your subject line, which character or characters you wish to answer your question. If it does not matter, put 'anyone'.

- Feel free to offer 'plot bunnies' of anything you would like to see/read as you follow the game.

- Remember that our Muns are answering the questions 'in-character'. Please do not be offended if Snape is rude or Narcissa is snobby.

For everyone:
As a reminder, here are a few guidelines we would ask of all participants:

- Please be respectful of each other, both cast and watchers.
- Please remember that the thoughts and opinions expressed by those who are participating IN character are not necessarily the same as those of the player.
- Though the game itself is an adult game, this community is not. Please keep language and descriptions of actions to a PG rating. Just because it's an adult game does not mean everyone here is comfortable reading such material.
- Most importantly, HAVE FUN.

Minerva entered the rather austere room with her usual efficiency, making her seem, as always, a bit on the cool and haughty side of 'friendly'. She was followed by an unlikely quartet which included her Defence Professor, her Potions Master... and the Weasley twins. With a careless flick of her wand, five identical and slightly uncomfortable looking armchairs appeared at the head of the room, all in identical tartan upholstery over the limited padding.

"Do sit down, boys," she said to all four men, waving a hand toward the chairs. She easily ignored the scowl of at least one of the older men who clearly disliked being classified as a 'boy' in the same tone as the younger men were addressed. The Headmistress gave no notice of the glower.

Seating herself regally in the centre chair with the twins to one side and the professors to the other, she looked out over the curious room of onlookers.

"Good day to you," she said, folding her hands primly over her lap. "I understand you have some questions. Our time is limited, as you might comprehend considering N.E.W.T. exams are just finishing and we must prepare the students to leave for the summer holidays for us here at the school, and the Weasley boys, well, they are having some issues at their various shops which need attention.

"Nonetheless, we are quite willing to speak with you. If you wish to see someone not currently present, one of the boys will go and fetch them for you."

A snort from Snape caused her to pause and return his eye-roll with a frown of her own. He had rather objected to being her 'fetch and carry boy', but he regained control of himself with gratifying alacrity. There was considerable advantage to having taught them since they were eleven years old.

"As I was saying, please feel free to ask any questions which might occur to you. A great deal has occurred here, lately, which might naturally inspire curiosity."

Note: These events are inspired by similar events at the snark_watch community for watchers of the snark_n_bark RPG. The admin team would like to extend their thanks to the mod team of SnB for so graciously allowing us to borrow their idea.