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19 July 2007 @ 06:25 pm
Fiery Inception and the release of Deathly Hollows  
fiery_inception and the release of Deathly Hollows

After the release of Deathly Hollows, fiery_inception will continue to be a game which is compliant with the events through Halfblood Prince and AU after. Muns of characters who die/get married, etc., in the book will not have to alter existing story lines to match Canon.

We will, however, continue to honour canon as much as possible and will eagerly welcome Deathly Hollows as a useful reference and resource for general wizarding-world information.


As indicated by a poll of our players, we will have a four-week no-spoiler rule throughout all game-related communities and character journals. For four weeks, until August 17th, absolutely no Deathly Hollows information can be included in any in-character or out of character thread, post, journal entry or new-character applications.

We will not close the game for any length of time. Those who wish to be able to play until they are able to read the book ought to be free to come here and play without fear of being spoiled.

Posts that will be allowed would be something very general and non-spoilerish, such as a post in OoC that says something like, "I've just read the book and really want to talk about it - ping me!"

Our Public communities - Lurkers, Fluff and Smut and the Application community are now on Moderated status through our no-spoiler period. We will continue to entertain applications, but new applicants must abide by the non-spoiler policy.

Love you all, and see you on the other side!