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23 July 2007 @ 06:50 am
Blogathon 2007  
Not strictly game related, but as two of your admin team are participating, I'm going to be shameless about promoting our Potter-themed event. :-)

I'm coming out of my self-enforced Book Seven seclusion to announce that it's that time of year again. For the fifth year, I shall be participating in the annual Blogathon on July 28, 2007. Heaps of apologies for the short notice. Most of you know it's been a really busy last three months for me. If it's too short notice I totally understand.

This year, we will again be blogging for the Association for International Cancer Research.

Why AICR? Because last year JL made a promise that if the Divine saw fit to bring her mother out of surgery for a suspected malignant lump safely, during Blogathon, she would blog for a cure.

Last year, I kept my promise. This year, I decided I wanted to continue that promise.

Piggy backing on the recent book release, adriannevandal and I are going to be immersed in fandom for the event. During the course of 24 hours, we will post one Harry Potter related post every 30 minutes. Posts may be on the books, the movies, the podcasts, fic, art, whatever. We're not picky and we have plenty to say! wink

It wouldn't be a successful blogathon without our sponsors, after all. So, besides making it all about doing a good thing, we want to say 'thank you' for continuing to support us. As I am still slowly putting together to packages for last year's sponsors, these thank you's will be small. Each person who sponsors us for this event may challenge us with one question/topic to discuss during our 49 posts. Anything goes, as long as it's Potter related. In addition, anyone who sponsors us for $15.00 or more will get their choice of one of the following:

1. A banner for your site/blog, your choice of theme
2. Five icons for the themes/HP ships of your choice
3. A 100-500 word drabble, any rating, any HP pairing, prompt of your choice

So, how do I sponsor you, I hear you asking? Why, that's easy. Just click the button below to be taken to the form to sponsor this site.

"But, JL! I don't want to sign up for an account, can't I just give you the funds?"

Well, no, actually. As a participant I'm not allowed to handle the money. But, if you really don't want to sign up at the site, send me an email with your name and pledged amount and I can either forward you the link to donate at the end of the 'thon or sign up for a proxy sponsorship on your behalf to forward you the information.

Then, on July 28, at 6am PDT, sit back and watch the fun at Imagine This!

I now return you to your regularly scheduled Fandom squeeage to which I will return on Tuesday after my copy of book seven arrives.
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