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07 June 2007 @ 10:57 am
Charater Visit Coming up! Myron Wagtail!  
Character visit this weekend!

As a reminder, here are a few guidelines we would ask of all participants:

- Please be respectful of each other, both cast and watchers.
- Please remember that the thoughts and opinions expressed by those who are participating IN character are not necessarily the same as those of the player.
- Though the game itself is an adult game, this community is not. Please keep language and descriptions of actions to a PG rating. Just because it's an adult game does not mean everyone here is comfortable reading such material.
- Most importantly, HAVE FUN.

Coming up this weekend: MYRON WAGTAIL!

If you have missed the previous character visits for any reason, you may still join in the fun! Previous visits may be found here:

Montague Morsus
Ciaran Malone
Deirdre Burke

Note: These events are inspired by similar events at the snark_watch community for watchers of the snark_n_bark RPG. The admin team would like to extend their thanks to the mod team of SnB for so graciously allowing us to borrow their idea.